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Our unique approach at operationalizing threat intelligence provides customers with increased visibility and effective remediation of security threats. 


DISOG provides proven tools, guidance, and support in order to succeed in a competitive marketplace. 

Our Founder, Nicholas Albright, created the organization to focus on providing Small and Medium Business with quality service at a reasonable cost.

Our team works directly with customers to keep cost down. Some public service sectors receive up to a year of no cost service as part of our mission to enhance security.


Adversary/Threat Hunting

Expert Guidance

This specific service is customized to your organization’s individual needs. A team of skilled security professionals will use custom and commercial tools to help identify malicious adversaries within your environment.  

We will work with you throughout the entire process and develop a specialized incident response plan should unauthorized parties be detected. Contact us to find out how we can help today.




Security Operations

Security Monitoring Services

DISOG's Security Operations Team is staffed with individuals who monitor SIEM and IDS Technologies in real time. 

Our SOC Team augments SIEM and IDS Services with proprietary toolkits that perform automated indicator matching, and awareness of adversarial Tactics, Techniques and Procedures to help protect customers from advanced attacks.

Our low footprint technology can be easily deployed on virtual infrastructure or in the cloud to reduce customer cost.




Penetration Testing

A Comprehensive Approach

Responsible Penetration Testing involves more than just vulnerability scanning. A Penetration test should be as closely matched to a real adversarial attack as possible.

Our team will perform an intrusion just like a skilled attacker. This type of attack is also known as a Red Team attack and is designed to show weaknesses in defense. It is not a replacement for vulnerability management or routine scanning. 



Physical Security

Safety and Protection

Armed Security and Protective services employing both uniformed and plain clothes individuals.

Our plain clothes agents work directly with businesses, individuals and community services to provide low visibility resources to help deescalate situations 

Our uniformed agents are high visibility to deterrents which proactively reduce crime.



Professional Investigators

Electronic and Real World Investigations


Our private investigations team is made up of former law enforcement and electronic crime specialists throughout Colorado. 

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